March 01, 2011

Variety --- My latest film dialog teaser and more

Firstly just wanted to tell my blog visitors that the response for the film posters and teasers is great....i did not expect the response to be this great....VARIETY is not just a boy meets a boy love story....its more than than that....its also a story of three film buffs who decide to make their first  film with zero knowledge about films and find out how difficult it is to make a film.

Below is the dialog teaser watch and enjoy and share


sundeep said...

Bro.. its already March 4th.. wen you gonna show the Variety short film in your blog ??

shashank said...

guyz which song is it which u played in d movie variety at d end..!
n d video iz awesome by d way ;)

Naveen Nayak said...

shashank its the title track of manmadha banam its a telugu film